1.       This competition is a six-game random format. Scoring will be as per Percentage Point System. The team with the highest point scores at the completion of the competition will be the Club Champion.

          The team with the second highest score will be the Consolation winner.

          Teams 3 and 4 will be declared Runners-up.


2.       Teams will be selected by the draw committee.

          Should a player elect not to play with the team he/she has been drawn on, that player will not be able to participate in the Playdowns.


3.       Committee decisions are final.


4.       Curlers must play, in all games, at the position at which they are originally placed on the team. If spare is used, all players (except spare) will move up in position.

          Should the original player return to the teams, the team make-up shall return as originally selected. The spare player shall return to the "spare list"


5.       Replacement must be selected by the team skip (from the spare list if possible) and approved by the Draw Committee.


6.       Players from the spare list must be used first and must be approved by the Draw Committee. Spares will play Lead position.


7.       Teams are allowed only one replacement.


8.       Should a team using a spare finish in the prizes, the players may share the prizes on a percentage basis.


9.       Teams are permitted to curl with three curlers. If a team elects to pay the game with three players, the first two players shall deliver three rocks each.


10.     In the event of a defaulted game, the score will be recorded as 10-0 in favour of the non-offending team.


11.     In the event of a tie game at the finish of regular play, the score will be marked as

          50% -50%


          All games will be six (6) ends.