Here we will post pictures about the Bonspiel.

Please click on photos to enlarge.

Betty and Stan setting up shop.

Don Davidson, Laurier Larcher, and Noel Arbic ready to play.

Steve Meunier warming up the crowd.

George Steep and team

Archie Berube and team

Some more teams

Some more

Some more

All smile for Tarin McAuley.

Anne MacDonald, Sheila and Chuck Harrison sweeping hard.

Roger Piche sizing up the shot.

Guy sweeping the final few feet.

Ed Richter directing a shot on Ice 3.

The delivery

Stan Wallace having a good time.

Curler in training.

Louis' other job.

Denise McIvor and Denise Fortin serving lunch.

Dessert Auction in progress.

Andrea Berube is a little "camera shy".

Luc Grenon keeping his eye on the rock.

Lionel Chenier waiting for the next shot.

Bill Cox admiring his delivered rock.

John Mercier. He shoots...He directs the sweepers.

Archie skipping.

The winning team: Ed Richter, Bernie Christian, Doug Biggs, and Amanda Christian.

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