Here we will post pictures about the Bonspiel.

Please click on photos to enlarge.

Piper Steve Meunier warming up before the start of the Bonspiel

Archie Berube wearing his "old" sweater, It has been around for many years

Steve Meunier piping the teams onto the ice

Teams being piped onto the ice

Team Richter - Ed Richter, Jeff Shivratton, Archie Berube and Bernie Christian

Some more teams

Some more

Some more

Some more

Some more

Some more

Some more

Louis Fortin diercting a shot on Ice 3

The Merv Cauthers Trophy

Our chef Louis Fortin and helpers Anne MacDonald and Stan Wallace preparing the lunch

Ed Richter and Bill Sweet making the "honest" draw in order to determine the winners

The winning team - Moe Doiron, Bert Gerow, Wayne Barabas - missing Lloyd Landers
Presenting the trophy is Merv Cauthers' son

Sandy Cauthers holding the trophy named in honour of her husband Merv

Some of Merv's old buddies

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