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General Information
This League is part of the New Horizons Seniors Curling League.
Games in this competition will be played on Wednesday morning.

Those wishing to participate are asked to sign up as teams.If club members are not on a team, but wish to curl in this league, they may sign up as  individuals and the drawmaster will make up teams.
All games are eight (8) ends.
Games start at 9:00 a.m.

Replacement players are allowed.

Rules for Wednesday Curling


The Wednesday League for the 2018-2019 season will consist of two draws:  November to December and January to March








Following are detailed links to results of previous events.

2018-19      Pre-Christmas       Post-Christmas

2017-18      Pre-Christmas       Post-Christmas


2016-17      Pre-Christmas       Post-Christmas


2015-16      Pre-Christmas       Post-Christmas

2014-15      Pre-Christmas       Post-Christmas

2013-14      Pre-Christmas       Post-Christmas

2012-13      Pre-Christmas       Post-Christmas

2011-12      Pre-Christmas       Post-Christmas


2010-11      Pre-Christmas       Post-Christmas


2009-10      Pre-Christmas       Post-Christmas


2008-09      Pre-Christmas       Post-Christmas


2007-08      Pre-Christmas       Post-Christmas


2006-07      Pre-Christmas       Post-Christmas

2005-06      Pre and Post-Christmas

Winners for the 2018-2019 Season

Team Vane won the Post-Christmas draw. Skip Valerie MacInnes, Vice Bill Vane, Second Rick Stewart, and Lead Dan Bozzer.

Ray Schizkoske presents to Bill Vane and Dan Bozzer Valerie MacInnes and Rick Stewart absent

The Late Grant Cheverette Team
Ray Schizkoske presents to Bill Vane and Dan Bozzer (late)Grant Cheverette and Rick Stewart absent

Winners for the 2017-2018 Season

Team Jaszan won the Post-Christmas draw. Skip Wayne Jaszan, Vice Jeremy Pacaud, Second Rob Armstrong, and Lead Jerry Hannah.

Elaine Jaszan presents the trophy to Team Jaszan
Wayne Jaszan, Rob Armstrong, Gerry Hannah,Jeremy Pacaud (missing)

Team Boudreau went undefeated in the Pre-Christmas draw to win. Skip Armand Boudreau, Vice Ray Ginglo, Second Dave Moore, and Lead Ivy Haansen.

Wayne Jaszan presents trophy to Team Boudreau
Armand Boudreau, Ivy Haansen, Ray Ginglo, Dave Moore

Winners for the 2016-2017 Season

Skip Jim Hall with vice Malcolm MacDonald, second Connie MacDonald and lead Jim Hall jr won the pre-Christmas draw. They were undefeated in all their games.

Team Hall

Skip Armand Boudreau, vice Ray Ginglo, second Dave Moore and leads; Marina and Bill Glaister won the post Christmas draw. They were 6 and 1 in their games.

Wayne Jaszan presents trophy to Team Boudreau

Wayne Jaszan poses with Team Boudreau. TheTiffany Kitchens Trophy is held by vice Ray Ginglo and lead Marina Glaister. Second Dave Moore stands by. Missing are skip Armand Boudreau and alternate Bill Glaister

Winners for the 2015-2016 Season

Grant Chevrette's team wins the Post Christmas Event.

Ray Ginglo presents the trophy to Team Chevrette
Bill Vane, Grant Chevrette, George Steep,Francy Gross (missing)

Archie Berube's team wins the Pre Christmas Event.

Left to Right: Ray Ginglo, RickSzewczyk,
Terry Pawson, and Archie Berube

Winners for the 2014-2015 Season

Ed Richter, Dave Moore, Rick Szewczyk and Paul
Kleinhuis pose after winning the PreChristmas Draw

The winners of the first draw was Team Moore (pictured above) and will be awarded the
MacDonald Feed Trophy (Kindly donated by our own Bob MacDonald) at the end of  season banquet.
The regular team consisted of Skip Dave Moore, Vice Paul Kleinhuis, Second J. Pye, and lead Rick Szewczyk and was helped by spares; Ed Richter, Leon Robinette, Ted O'Connor and George Steep
The winners of the second draw was Team Jaszan. The team consisted of Skip Wayne Jaszan, Vice Louis Fortin, Second Jeremy Pacaud and Lead Norm Beaudry.



Winners of the Tiffany Kitchens Trophy (L to R) Marina Glaister, Jeremy Pacaud, Norm Beaudry, Ray Schizkoske (presenting), Wayne Jaszan, and Louis Fortin.

Winners for the 2013-2014 Season
The winners of the first draw was the Wayne Jaszan team and was awarded the
MacDonald Feed Trophy
The winners of the second draw was the Terry Pawson team and was awarded the Tiffany Kitchens Trophy


2012-2013 Season

Roger Pellerin presents the trophy to Team Fortin
Wayne, Roger, Louis, and Norm

(Above) Winner of the Post Christmas Draw (second draw) and the Tiffany Kitchens Trophy is team Fortin. The foursome included  Wayne Jaszan, Louis Fortin, Norm Beaudry, and Jeremy Pacaud (missing).
( Below from left) Winners of the Pre Christmas Draw (first draw) and the  MacDonald Feed Trophy . Skip Archie Berube, Vice-Ray Ginglo, Second- Robert St Onge and Alternate Lead- Brian Ringrose. Missing is Lead- Laurier Larcher


Ray Schizkoske present Laurier Larcher and
Ray Ginglo with the MacDonald Trophy

2011-2012 Season
( Below)Skip Bill Vane shares the MacDonald Feed Trophy with vice-Grant Chevrette, second Marilyn McAlpine and Lead- Joanne Seguin.


(Below)  Ray Schizkoskie presents the Tiffany Kitchens Trophy to Louis Fortin's team. Louis is on the left and Wayne Jaszan is on the right. Missing are vice Bob Boegel and lead Jeremy Pacaud


2010-2011 Season
( Below)Ray Ginglo presents the MacDonald Feed Trophy to skip-Chuck Harrison, Second-Richard Dickson, Lead- Bob Third.  Missing is Vice- Malcolm MacDonald,


(Below) Ray Ginglo presents the Tiffany Kitchens Trophy to skip-Bill Vane, Vice-Grant Chevrette, Second-Murray Hall. Missing is Lead- Emile Charrette